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The South London sub-region included all 12 boroughs which lay in whole or part south of the river.The recommendations of the report were not adopted, and the 2017 study has taken a different approach.In 2013 the government asked the Boundary Commission for England to reduce the reconsider the boundaries of parliamentary constituencies.The Commission's study, was to start with existing regions of England and then group the local authorities within that area into sub-regions for further sub-division.They are now conveniently regrouped here in one volume, excellently presented and annotated by Davison.The diaries provide a wealth of information on Orwell’s daily activities, concerns, and interests; they present considerable documentary value for scholars, but they do not exactly live up to their editor’s claim: “These diaries offer a virtual autobiography of his life and opinions for so much of his life.” This assessment would much better characterize the utterly fascinating companion volume (also edited by Peter Davison), George Orwell: A Life in Letters.Three Met Office weather stations currently collect climate data south of the river; Kew, Hampton and Kenley Airfield, on the southern edge of the urban area.

All the diaries of Orwell that are still extant (some were lost, and one was stolen in Barcelona during the Spanish civil war, by the Stalinist secret police—it may still lie today in some Moscow archive) were first published in 1998 by Peter Davison and included in his monumental edition of The Complete Works of George Orwell (twenty volumes; nine thousand pages).

For the purposes of progress reporting on the London Plan, there was a South London sub-region in operation from 2004 to 2008 consisting of Bromley, Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Sutton.

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