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It was recommenced by my friend Barbara who met her now husband 18 months through 2CONNECT matchmaking. I have been on 3 great dates and the last one was the best! Some of these singles were divorced, some never married and some were widowed.But regardless of the circumstances of their singledom, a great many of these seniors are embracing the dating scene.

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But the men I meet now want to embrace the rules of today's teenagers and get laid on the first date.

One of the major difficulties for us in our 60s is that on the face of it, without physically knowing you, people know you only as a number. They think I'm a granny." Lest anyone think women are the only victims of ageism, think again. "As you get older, you go out of fashion," says Ray, a Dubliner in his late 60s. And then there are people who are 60 and older, and are really exciting people to be with." Married for 35 years, Ray was divorced four years ago. But I've come to the conclusion that you can't enjoy things on your own as much as you can with another person." He had no interest in the online dating world, as he found it to be too impersonal, so he decided to try the matchmaking service It's Just Lunch, which pairs people up according to their interests, so that they can meet for a casual meal or drinks.