Mcfaddens speed dating

There are old school mates from grade school, high school and college as well as old friends and lovers. Actually, when Ginger offered to drive me to Texas that’s when I jumped at the chance to keep going and fulfill this long intended visit. Cherie had no idea that Stacey and Loretta lived in the vicinity. A difficult combo for me so she suggested a staycation in the very nice Hotel Monaco. It’s laid out well, keeps your interest and has a lot of interactive exhibits to test your spy potential or learn cool facts.


We enjoyed the old buildings and inner harbor, met a couple nice folk in an art gallery (the girl was from Highland Park in Dallas! A very interesting mosaic artist who does huge installations like facades of row houses, came out to the sidewalk to chat with us since my scooter couldn’t get into his old building.Why are we even meddling with the crazy terrorists? Why can’t we switch to other power sources and stop making them rich? I despise war and arms dealers and petroleum fat cats calling the shots. I was tired from driving there from Alexandria, but of course we chatted and I met some family who lived nearby.Take the oil profits away and they go back to being tribes in the desert. *sigh* Cherie said it wasn’t safe to get out and stroll to the monuments at night, and indeed, when we pulled into a park to look across a lake towards the jefferson Monument, there were obvious drug deals going down. She graciously gave me the bedroom and took the sofa sleeper in our posh suite. Next day after a leisurely coffee and pastry, we loaded up the van and headed out to a store to buy an EZPass device for the toll roads. After dinner I revealed that my nephew in Dallas had hooked me on Game of Thrones.We stopped first for sustenance at Vaccaro’s for their famous Cannolis.

How do they manage to keep the pastry shell crisp with all that custardy filling? The glass studio is run by the artist and we were ushered into the sweltering furnace room with the large garage doors open and fans going but doing little to draw off the intense heat from the many ovens.

Social media exacerbated the looting as word spread that it was turning into a free for all here.