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Hindus believe that the food can have a profound impact on one's life, and appropriate diet can help in pursuing one's chosen lifestyle.The Hindu compassion for all living beings, leads Hindus to vegetarian practices.It is considered good manners to arrive 15 to 30 minutes late.In many Indian homes, women remain mostly in the kitchen.If you are visiting during a festival, it is customary to carry a box of sweets. Different flowers have different connotations across India.If you are planning to give flowers, check with the florist as to what would be appropriate Indian etiquette.Since North Indians eat mostly rotis and drier curries, this isn’t too difficult.

For instance, in North India it is impolite to dirty more than the first two segments of your fingers.While sharing is an important part of Indian etiquette, it is poor and offensive etiquette to share a fork or spoon or to drink from someone’s glass.This also applies to taking a bite of someone else’s sandwich, ice cream or chocolate too. It is not difficult to eat with your fingers, but there are a few rules of Indian etiquette that have to be observed: 1. Remember you are eating with your hands and your right hand will be messy, therefore you will leave the serving spoon all sticky and messy too. Ask for whatever you want instead of reaching out directly or pointing at dishes. Don’t make too much noise; don’t talk with food in your mouth. Wait until everyone else is sitting down before starting to eat. Help clear the dishes, unless it is not acceptable in that particular custom. Don’t talk on your cell phone during the meal and if you must get up in-between, ask to be excused.If dining with Indian people who do not use cutlery, at least try to eat in the traditional Indian way and fit in with Indian etiquette.

However, if you really cannot participate, even the simplest restaurants will be able to provide a spoon for you to use.

However, it is good etiquette to show appreciation and invite your hosts out to dinner in the future. Don’t be surprised if some of your guests do not turn up at all, even after promising they will be there.