Mtv dating show parents pick

The show begins with mom and dad both picking a candidate of their choice.Both get to plan and carry out a date with their pride and joy and then the kid gets to choose..with mom's pick, dad's pick or stay with their current beau.Every episode features a couple parents with a daughter or son.The parents hate their child's boyfriend or girlfriend, and they want their kid to find another date.

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It's time for an all-new season of Parental Control, with a brand new look and all the fun PC moments that you've come to love.It's another season of hot daters, outrageous dates, and the anything-goes couch moments that you've come to expect!It's wholesome, traditional family values done like only MTV can."Check out a sneak peek of the newly rebooted Parental Control this weekend before it relaunches early next year."Parental Control" has not an ounce of realism to it, and is just obviously fake and staged in every way.