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Still, I got two bottles of white wine in my fridge (one since Feb). just ask my 1st ex, he is the most wonderful christian, or so he says. there is no way we can truly KNOW who is or who is not lying.sorry i sure wish there was a way to find all this crud out..................\ just try to stay true to yourself and hopefully be ok. Some people are more social than others (never miss happy hour no matter what) and are very outgoing (always stay til last call).

First my sister died cause she wouldn't/couldn't stop drinking.Most of the people I have met should not consider themselves social drinkers or portray themselves as social drinkers on this or any other site when by all acounts they are alcoholics. Even asking drinks per week can be vague if there's a range given. The christians put on fronts about their behavior where your run-of-the-mill non-believer could care less about putting on a front.I do honestly feel you have something there with changing the scale. Are you saying that in order to find a non-drinking lady you're going to have to look for a church-going chrisitan? For instance I only have a drink every now and then, can go months without one, and rarely have more than one in a day. The fact that someone may attend church does not change the fact that they lie. I am a non drinker and frankly don't care if someone is a social drinker or a drunk..The title of the thread and your opening paragraph ask two different questions, by the way. I know some real "tankers" who run to church every Sunday and sometimes during the week.

I wasn't sure which one you're trying to answer, so I picked the easier one. It doesn't stop them from tanking up the rest of the time ...

For argument's sake, we'll say you think that social drinking refers to 2-3 drinks when you're out with friends, once a week or so, and they all think the same thing.

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