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On Sundays in Hong Kong's Central District, in what decades ago was an elite and largely male territory, young, nubile, foreign women gather in the thousands on their day off, "taking over," as the locals say, Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong are viewed as sexually threatening and thus in need of strict discipline.In this article I present and analyze the discourse on the sexuality of Filipina domestic workers, arguing that their reputation is linked primarily to their ambiguous social and class identities, and to broad changes in the familial and economic landscape of Hong Kong.Chen, the owner and director of a successful employment agency that recruits women from the Philippines to work as "helpers" in Hong Kong. He nonchalantly said, "Perhaps she was too pretty and the employer was worried about her husband." In this article I argue that Mrs.Wong's treatment of Christina represents far more than the idiosyncratic behavior of a jealous and controlling employer. Wong's attempt to reduce Christina to a less threatening, gender-neutral (or masculine) image is representative of general anxieties about the sexuality of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, and the threat that they are thought to pose to Chinese women employers in particular, the Chinese family in general, and Hong Kong society at large as it makes the transition from British colony to Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

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Criticisms of Filipinas are partly a reflection of more private concerns writ large and superimposed on a rapidly changing and soon-to-be postcolonial city.In contrast to locals' images or memories of the Chinese "amahs" of the past, who are said to have "known their places" and to have posed no fundamental or moral challenge to existing patterns of authority (see Constable 1996; Gaw 1991 ; Ooi 1992), contemporary foreign domestic workers constitute a threat and are considered to be a symbol of a moral order turned inside out.This inversion in the public spaces of Hong Kong on Sundays is locally regarded as scandalous, immoral, provocative, and threatening because, for the other six days of the week, the discourse on sexuality is negotiated in a far more covert arena.Personally, I would turn gay faster than you can imagine. If you do like them more dark, see this related page: ebony live cams with mostly black girls nude.