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Rape survivors with advocates were 59% more likely to have police reports taken than survivors without advocates, whose reports were only taken 41% of the time. Rape survivors’ experiences with the legal and medical systems: Do rape victim advocates make a difference? Funding Sexual Assault Services is Paramount The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has helped to reduce the societal cost associated with the criminal victimization of women throughout the U. Based on researchers’ cost-benefit analysis, the net benefit of VAWA is estimated at $16.4 billion (Clark, Biddle, & Martin, 2002). woman in averted victimization costs, suggesting VAWA to be a fiscally efficient program. Our thanks to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center for assistance in researching this briefing paper. Harrisburg, PA: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence/Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Welfare and domestic violence against women: Lessons from research. doi:10.1111/j.1745-9125.2000.tb00899.x National Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

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At the individual level, VAWA is estimated to cost $15.50 per U. Additionally, without an advocate present, secondary victimization, or being blamed or re-victimized by first responders, is more likely in these systems. This outcry is based on an understanding of the widespread nature of this problem and the incredible costs to victims and society as a whole.This document summarizes the development of prevention initiatives in these two related areas.Because DV and SA prevention initiatives have not been fully evaluated, this review identifies trends and promising developments rather than definitive directions in the field.

Schools are an ideal place in which to introduce primary prevention programs to a wide range of children.

Appropriate and Early Intervention Can Mitigate Costs and Consequences A 2006 study found that when victims receive advocate-assisted services following assaults, they receive more helpful information, referrals, and services and experience less secondary trauma or re-victimization by medical and legal systems (Campbell, 2006).