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As part of his research - which featured in today's issue of New Scientist magazine - Dr Brooks teamed up with researchers at James Cook University, in Townsville, Australia.They studied how individual female guppy fish choose different males and found that, although all the females liked males with bright orange spots and large tails, a minority of females also liked males with black markings.'If everyone is going after the most common characteristics, then someone who targets the rare ones, would have an advantage.' Dr Brooks, based at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, said the phenomenon could be related to special proteins called MHC molecules, which are part of the immune system.The more diverse a selection of MHCs you inherit from your parents, the better equipped you are to fight off disease. Not only can women detect that difference, but they also tend to prefer the smell of men whose MHCs complement their own.What's up with hot girls dating ugly guys, and then hot guys stuck with ugly girls?

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So yeah, if a guy loves me, understands me, is fun, interesting, smart, open minded, not judgemental and very humble, I don't think I would want to know about his financial status. When a guy says a girl is ugly does he always mean it? Why in BW/WM relationships do the white guy usually look better than the girl and in BM/WW its the opposite the black guys look better? Guys, Why do you find the white girl prettier and more attractive than the black girl? If the face you see in the mirror each morning makes you wince, take heart.

And while you're at it, throw away all those beautifying pills, potions and creams in the medicine cabinet and cancel your subscription to the gym.

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    How Do Average-Looking or Ugly Guys Pick Up. guy/ugly girl. thinks if they be saying to the hot girl “you’re dating an ‘ugly’ boy? girl you can do.…