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The / at the front of the word tells the system that it's a command, and doesn't post it to the channel. This is usually a very long list- on larger networks, executing this command takes longer then the average user takes to make breakfast.command, described above, will give you a larger, more comprehensive list.Once the chat creator makes the room and shares the link, and the recipients begin talking, the admin can disable the share URL so that nobody else can join the conversation.More » Another completely free private video and text chat room is called ), block access to websites, or disable a webcam if you are concerned about your child having access to these and other similar sites.Skype is wildly popular and extremely well-known all around the world and works exceptionally well for building private chat rooms between two or more people.

Whether you want a chat room with texting capabilities or webcam chat, all of these websites fully support both video and text chatting.The third login box utilizes Kiwi IRC, a web-based client, similar to CGI: IRC, but your connections go through a third party web server Channels: For reference, twenty channels (out of over 100; remember to check ) are listed below the login boxes.If you see one that suits your fancy, go ahead and type it in in the "Channel" box, and it will automatically connect you to that channel.It works from your computer and mobile device and supports up to four people in the same room.

Here's how it works: choose a name for your chat room and connect your webcam.

The second login box utilizes PJIRC, a Java based client that is akin to downloading a stand-alone client and runs from your computer without going through any software installation process.

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