Problems with updating norton internet security online

Now you can pay bills, check your email and interact on your social network – in the café, airport or hotel – ensuring your most sensitive information remains hidden from prying eyes with Norton Wi Fi Privacy.While Norton Security protects your devices and the information on them, Norton Wi Fi Privacy encrypts the data you send and receive when using public Wi-Fi.

The result said that there is some virus in my computer's C:/ drive and asked if I want to remove it. Next day, I try to turn on my computer, it won't login, it keeps sucked in the login screen with the loading icon. This makes compatibility a more difficult thing than for normal applications. You have to take the chance that there will be serious issues and be prepared to deal with them. It is always best to use an AV product that the supplier has tested and advertised as compatible with your OS.That is one of the reasons why Microsoft recommends the Windows 10 preview for advanced users only.A program that calls IE to access the Internet should be blocked unless you know what it's doing - Malwarebytes isn't any good for those types of programs but relies on a database.

Preventing Internet access by any but special known applications is easy enough and should be done in your Firewall - and it will always work as it's a Windows Feature (Windows Firewall).

If you don't trust Ms Windows defender on W10 then simply run W10 as a VM and don't connect it to the internet.

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