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There are no dining halls in Founders but you will be able to find some pretty close by.There are also an abundance of cool places to hang out in Founders to get to know the people in your hall, including TV rooms, study rooms and a courtyard.Rubin is also a little cheaper than the other freshman dorms because of its lack of air conditioning.This may seem like a huge deal but I have heard that it is really only a problem for the first and last few weeks of the school year.

Its Fifth Avenue location is super close to all of the NYU buildings. Because Rubin used to be a hotel, you can find a variety of different types of rooms and suites.It seems to me that the small rooms and hallways bring your floor closer together.I was able to meet my best friends on my Weinstein floor.Freshmen say that with a fan, you will barely even notice.

Founders has really nice rooms that are pretty spacious.

Picking where you are going to live your first year at NYU can be a stressful experience and the 30 second clip on the NYU website can only tell you so much.