Pug lovers dating

There are lots of misconceptions and sterotypes out there that men prefer bigger, more aggressive, and strong dogs, while women opt for a little furry friend that needs pampering and grooming 24/7, and dogs that can fit in her purse to be dressed up in pink outfits and ribbons.Well, the bad news is that found that 28% of single men aren't crazy about a woman with a purse-sized dog; well, the other 72% clearly do!

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For those who enjoy cycling or rollerblading, you need a dog that can keep up with an even faster pace than running; this also requires long legs and a ton of energy.These dogs are smart, easier to train, and can be active for a greater portion of the day.If you spend a lot of your time in the water and you love to fish and boat, then get yourself a dog that loves the water.What works for one person, might be a no-no for someone else.

It is also essential to consider where to get the dog from.

This means that eventually other people and dogs will be in the picture as well.