Queued updating replication

Because all replicated triggers check the state of this variable before queuing any transactions, modifications made to the replicated tables that use row-level replication do not result in any queued deferred transactions. Then the replicated trigger fires at each remote site.

Step 7 Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for the remaining copies of the replicated table.Doing so might cause your replication environment to fail.package to alter the characteristics of your replicated objects in a quiesced master group.It is possible for the differences to arise in replicated tables.

When administering a replication environment, you might want to check, periodically, whether the contents of two replicated tables are identical.

The first table stores the values of the missing rows, and the second table is used to indicate which site contains each row. Any rows found in the first table and not in the second are inserted into the second table.

Queued updating replication comments

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