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A series of earthquakes probably warned residents that the situation was dire and they likely packed up and left, since no bodies have been found on the Akrotiri site on Santorini.The volume of matter ejected from the volcano is thought to have been up to four times what was blown into the stratosphere by Krakatau in 1883.Radiocarbon dates for sites in Suzdal Opolye (Early Iron Age to the Middle Ages)Makarov N. Some of the sites in Suzdal Opolye yielded antiquities from the horizon of the 9th – first half of the 10th cc.We can assume that the new settlement network and the new material culture reflecting the integration of Suzdal Opolye into the system of international trade and Baltic cultural relations began to develop in the second half of the 9th c. The large series of radiocarbon dates that fall into the range of 10th–12th cc.1630 BC: On Thera, a brilliant civilization mirroring Minoan Crete flourishes.This year saw the latest of several major eruptions from the volcano.

The series of radiocarbon dates which indicate the period from the middle of the 13th to the middle of the 14th cc. Key words: The article studies the bone remains of horses that were found in strata dating from the 9th – early 10th cc. The material comes from small specimens with a rough body composition, which are morphologically similar to existing aboriginal breeds: Mongol, Kazakh, Polish primitive horse.The only proof that molten rock emerges from the underwater volcano is the warm waters that pool in various points on the beach and the hot air steaming out of the peaks of Nea Kameni.Volcanologists and other scientists have predicted, through years of study, the volcano will likely continue to behave in the future as it has done in the past. Sites with long stratigraphic sequences of occupational deposits are important for the periodization of the Early Bronze Age (late 4th – 3d millennia BC) in the Balkans.

The author concludes that the burial near Orsk belongs to the Sintashta type of sites, and Ishkinovka 1 cemetery to the early Alakul cultural type. A new chronological horizon of antiquities has been discovered on the territory in question, dating to the first half and the middle of the 1st millennium AD.

confirms that some of the rural settlements that had been founded in the 10th–12th cc. The bones bear no traces of butchering, hence there is no indication that the horses could have been eaten.

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