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Lachey, who's now re-married, was present at the star's 31st birthday party last week.The brunette star had a short relationship with Nick Cannon from about September 2006 to January 2007.30-40 years ago when your parents got married, there were NO CELLPHONES, NO INTERNET, NO FACEBOOK, so it was much less difficult to cheat or have this side relationships or temptations. For example I tell a woman I’m switching off my cellphone and I expect the same from her.There’s no compromise here because if I’m getting to know someone I give them 100% of my attention and I expect nothing less.So if they ignore this request and their cellphone goes off, or receive and SMS during a dinner date (I never do these any more but maybe you do) I will politely excuse myself to the bathroom and leave.You can read the Leykis 101 rule where this comes from. If they have My Space or Facebook profiles have a look at their Friends and also their Relationship Status.Kardashian met Ray J after the divorce, while she worked as a stylist for his sister Brandy.

They called it quits in July 2009 but reunited for a few months right before Khloe Kardashian got married that September.Be firm with these profiles because if they are hiding their true relationship status from the world, that tells you everything you need to know about them. Avoid women who cannot leave their cellphones alone for a few hours.Today both me and my girlfriend forgot our cellphones at home and there was no stress.We're taking a look back at the star's past relationships -- including her first ex-husband, Damon Thomas.

Kim Kardashian doesn't exactly bring up this tidbit all the time, but it's true: She got married for the first time at the age of 20.

Things reportedly didn't get too serious between them, and Cannon met future wife Mariah Carey just three months after they split.