Reviewing and updating job descriptions

Have a specific question related to the topic of this audio conference?Post it here and get an answer during the event, time permitting, or in a follow-up e-mail from the audio conference presenter.It is better to schedule regular reviews of all job descriptions.This way you have the current jobholder as a resource, a person who can provide input on how to change the job description to better fit current responsibilities and future potential. This is a common problem, especially among well established companies.

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In addition, she has assisted employers in compliance matters involving the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and drafted numerous affirmative action plans for them. Klimczuk is a frequent speaker for a wide variety of associations and organizations, as well as for Business & Legal Resources webinars and events, and is an active member of the Western Massachusetts community.If they come across an exceptional posting, "just-browsing" job seekers may become so intrigued that they will apply, even when they had not really intended to.Active seekers—many of whom will have to go through the upheaval of relocation—may need additional encouragement to apply, and thus the job description may also need to describe the community and surroundings, and include information on the local recreation facilities, schools, crime rate, demographics, and so on.Often outdated, overlooked, and under-considered, the failure to deal seriously with these humble documents can trigger considerable organizational erosion.

If given the respect they deserve, job descriptions can provide employees with the structure they need to do their jobs and, simultaneously, the latitude to grow into positions of greater responsibility and reward.

Neglected job descriptions cause employees to lose their enthusiasm, managers to lose sight of one another and their objectives, and—eventually—the organization to lose market share.

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    Learn tips on how to avoid legal missteps by reviewing and updating your job descriptions.…