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Russell Errol Train (June 4, 1920 – September 17, 2012) was the second administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), from September 1973 to January 1977 and the founder chairman emeritus of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). He promulgated the idea that as the economy of the nation was growing quickly, public as well as private projects should consider and evaluate the environmental impacts of their actions. Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Train is generally credited with helping to place the issue of the environment on the presidential and national agenda in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a key period in the environmental movement.Train was named chairman of WWF’s National Council from 1994 to 2001. Train died at his farm in Bozman, Maryland on September 17, 2012, aged 92.In 2003, Politics, Pollution and Panda: An Environmental Memoir by Russell E. A chronicle of his career, the book is also a history of the birth and growth of U. a prestigious prize honoring individuals who have made extraordinary achievements on issues of importance.Train was born on June 4, 1920 in Jamestown, Rhode Island, but grew up in Washington, D. His father was an officer in the United States Navy who was frequently away on assignment. Charles Russell Train and the former Errol Cuthbert.His paternal great-grandfather had been a congressman during the Civil War.Besides Roosevelt, the major persons represented in the Train Africana Collection include the journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley and members of his Emin Pasha Relief Expedition (Thomas Heazle Parke, Robert H. Jameson, John Rose Troup, William Bonny, William Grant Stairs, Edmund Musgrave Barttelot, and Arthur J. Radclyffe Dugmore; explorers Samuel Baker, Thomas Baines, Richard Francis Burton and E. Glave; anthropologist Paul du Chaillu; and royal traveler Edward VIII (later the Duke of Windsor).

During a promotional stop at the EB Games on Yonge St., where he was plugging Sony Play Station’s MLB 15: The Show, we caught up with the Blue Jays’ new No.Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History in Washington, D. The collection includes correspondence, drafts of publications, diaries, account books, ephemera, posters, news-clippings, biographies, memoirs, portraits, and the former personal property of selected explorers, big game hunters, missionaries, pioneers, and naturalists in Africa.The Train Collection is particularly strong in archival materials on the following topics: the search for the source of the Nile and the progress of other exploring expeditions in Africa; the collecting of specimens of African animals, plants, and ethnological materials for zoos and museums (including a significant body of correspondence and photographs from the Smithsonian African Expedition in 1909-1910, led by President Theodore Roosevelt); and the growth of the African wildlife conservation movement. David Livingstone and his father-in-law Robert Moffat; taxidermist Carl Akeley; zoologist Edmund Heller; hunter Frederick Selous; artist and adventure writer A.His father had an office at the White House, where he served as President Herbert Hoover’s Naval aide. Hoover on the portico overlooking the Ellipse and the Washington Monument. In 1959, Train founded the Wildlife Leadership Foundation in hopes of establishing effective wildlife parks and reserves. C., on December 1, 1961, Russell Train became its first ever Vice-President; in later years he was named Chair Emeritus of the WWF.

“I think what made the greatest impression on me,” he wrote years later, “were the tall glasses of fresh California orange juice. While there he was in the United States Army ROTC program and upon graduation entered the Army as an officer. In 1961, he founded the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to aid Africans in developing capacity to manage their own wildlife resources. He also helped establish the College of African Wildlife Management at Mweka (near Moshi), Tanzania. He was President of The Conservation Foundation from 1965 to 1969.

The 32-year-old, who inked a five-year deal last fall, is enjoying his first spring in the city where he was born.

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    Russell Train; Administrator of the. natural history, and wildlife conservation, dating primarily from the nineteenth and. artist and adventure writer A.…