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Some estimates for what’s been charged and collected by PRS for unfulfilled tours in the U. A person named Sergey Poberezhny has posted on Buell’s site. He now appears to be assisting Buell in defending himself.He posted on Buell’s page apologizing, “Refunds are being given out, but it is unfortunately a very slow process.Ryan Buell starred as a paranormal researcher on the A&E reality show “Paranormal State” from 2007 until 2011.Most recently, he was supposed to appear in parts of Canada for a June tour called “Paranormal: The Experience.” Another scheduled U. tour “Conversations with the Dead” was also canceled.He has also offered online paranormal courses for which people paid, but the classes were not completed, according to several dozen people.Crystal Blackburn says she paid $100 for an online paranormal class, in April of 2013.A private Facebook group has emerged offering support to those who paid money for tours, classes, or DVDs created by Buell, but who did not receive services or goods in exchange for their money.Even Buell’s own Facebook page has a long list of comments complaining about unfulfilled promises of refunds from the Paranormal Research Society.

I bought my tickets on pre-sale back the end of January.Marie Doherty also says Buell didn’t make good on his promises.“A friend and I booked tickets for the Boston show ($100 each) for May.About four days before the show, I asked my friend if she received a confirmation email. Other than the initial payment confirmation she heard nothing.