Ryan seacrest dating 2016

host, who is currently dating 26-year-old chef and model Shayna Taylor, says he wants to get married one day—he has even admitted that he once came close to proposing to an unnamed ex-girlfriend.

Former love: Ryan's last significant relationship was with Dancing With The Stars' Julianna Hough.— but people are hoping to really get to know this guy before they welcome him into their homes every single morning.For example, one question many fans seem to be asking is whether or not the radio vet is married!Ryan Seacrest clearly has a type -- hot and blonde -- but his new girl is different in one big way ... The "American Idol" host was spotted out this weekend in NYC with a new blonde -- Renée Hall. Seacrest took Hall to NYC over the weekend, where they went to the Museum of Modern Art.

We're told they met through the Marciano brothers (GUESS founders) and quickly hit it off.

He has dated a bevy of beautiful women over the years.