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Within days of their romance blossoming, Martinez was spotted dining with Lost star Michelle Rodriguez and in a lingering embrace with actress Penelope Cruz.Although everyone claimed innocence, it was curious behaviour for a man who had just embarked on a relationship with Sarai after separating from his long-term girlfriend.We did all the normal things that friends do: went to museums and had dinner.'I was quoted as saying that we spent “three wonderful days and nights together”, but that never came from my mouth.

I didn't realise his girlfriend was Kylie Minogue until December when I read it in the paper – then I thought, “Oh, I love Kylie, I have her CDs and she's got a great voice”.It's not like we were in a Third World country or anything.'Her explanation is at odds with the description of their weekend in Paris given by observers.Sarai, who has not spoken to Martinez for two months, can seem naive at best; woefully unquestioning at worst.Bringing up the rear of the bunch is Cherry Blossoms.