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Loyalty and family are very important for me, as well as communication and shared interests with my partner. I like to spend free time in nature, camping, exploring new places, but I do not hurry to relax in a hammock or.. His powerful emotions enable him to either love or hate with all his heart.He is interested in all that is hidden or taboo in which he can explore the passionate but also painful peaks and depths of the life.Scorpio feels the need to control the others quietly.His belief and desires are so strong they often lead him to the edge of the abyss.

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Key words: DESIRE, WANT Temperament: phlegmatic Symbolic picture: ice, mud Zodiac phase: 8th – sharing In humanistic astrology Scorpio represents the exchange of energies through strong emotions (e.g.

He feels the urge to uncover mysteries and is courageous enough to cross the borders of the forbidden.