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He certainly seems to have gained an insider’s awareness of the ways of this wicked world.“I broke my heart into the smallest pieces, many times between thirteen and three and twenty.Maria was a very pretty girl, two years older than Dickens. He fell passionately in love with her and came to believe his entire future happiness depended on her.He waxed jealous of her pet dog, Daphne, when it was clasped to her bosom. ) Maria was a flirt and Dickens was not sure if she returned his love.

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Such characteristically Victorian books as Through The Looking Glass, Middlemarch, Under the Greenwood Tree, The Egoist, and The Mayor of Casterbridge were published after Dickens's death in June 1870.Presenting this paper poses a bit of a problem for me.You see, I have tried all the various methodologies that have been on offer to me over the years – Chestertonism (yes, I’m that old); Freudianism; Edmund Wilsonianism; Marxism; Leavis; all-purpose liberalism; French Neo-Marxism; Structuralism and all stations to Post Modernism.There’s much good evidence from his early days to show he had a romantically susceptible young heart.