Short and long term effects of dating violence

people through heart disease and stroke than it does through cancer!About 181,000 people die each year in the United States from smoking-related heart disease and stroke, and about 158,000 die from smoking-related cancer.Survivors may feel anger at the abuser, at adults who failed to protect them, and at themselves for not having been able to stop the abuse (page 1).Victims may experience traumatic sexualization,because the abuse has repeatedly violated their body space and acted against their will through coercion and manipulation (page 3).The remainder of the smoking-related deaths, 123,000, are from lung diseases other than cancer.Following is a list of the deadly diseases and other long-term effects of smoking and chewing tobacco.

This means they will suffer from constant, chronic anxiety, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, flashbacks, unwanted memories and an exaggerated startle response. This is why it is important that victims of domestic abuse find a supportive network of other victims to engage with.In the short-term (up to two years), victims may exhibit regressive behaviors (e.g., thumb-sucking and bed-wetting in younger children), sleep disturbances, eating problems, behavior and/or performance problems at school, and unwillingness to participate in school or social activities (p.4).Longer-term effects may be wide-ranging, to include anxiety-related, self-destructive behaviors such as alcoholism or drug abuse, anxiety attacks, and insomnia (p.4).Homelessness has a knock-on effect to other areas of women’s lives – it can be very difficult if not impossible to obtain and maintain employment while homeless, for example, and this can lead many women to turn to prostitution to survive.

While living on the streets many women also begin using drugs. Due to the injuries or mental health issues that domestic abuse causes, many sufferers take time off work that can lead to them losing their jobs.

As a result of the abuse they have suffered and the effects it has had on their lives, a large majority of abuse victims suffer from clinical depression and anxiety.

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