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Similarly, I feel that skippable sex scenes, while maybe removing one of the most important elements of my game, respects the fact that not all players will want to experience certain things (and may even be triggered by them). If we had the ability to favorite individual posts here, I would do so for this one. But this sounds like it should be seriously interesting to try out!They may not get the exact messages I want to convey with the game, but it’s no harm done, and it’s not like they won’t realise that they won’t have gotten the full message when they knowingly choose to ignore parts of the game - they can easily get the gist about what they missed by looking it up somewhere (because let’s be honest, I’ll probably end up writing my own walkthrough for the game for my wiki, because I blabber like no-one’s business -- as evidenced by the sizea this text post). I really appreciate how much thought you're putting into depicting the many directions in which a relationship can go, as well as what player control means for a game of this type. There’s only 12 days left of Na No Ren O, so wish me luck on working this into the game on time for the end of the month! I'm an aspiring writer and voice talent with a passion for literature and an unhealthy attachment to video games. (I have a complicated history with these kinds of games . If we had the ability to favorite individual posts here, I would do so for this one.

The player can mold the famed Playboy Mansion to their own needs and wants, and has the option of experiencing the infamous Playboy Playmate parties in locations such as the Grotto and the Clubhouse.In many cases, the player-character may be able to have sex with a given character simply because they offer it, even if they’re unfamiliar with the player-character - after all, why should a one night stand or first-date shag be out of the question?This creates a game that is inherently unfair to its players, and does not reward them for participating in the system in an optimal way; which is great, because it is not necessarily the case that players should - or even want to - be treated like their progression through the system is their manifest destiny, especially if the game involves the representation of ideas of consent, desire, and power dynamics between individuals.If you intend to model sexuality in a thoughtful, meaningful, challenging or representational way, it’s difficult to do so in games where the player is never told “no”.

One thing I don’t necessarily agree with in the Kotaku article is the idea that: “If you can take out the sex scenes from your game and you're still willing to sell that, what are you doing?

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