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The effort required to construct these structures implies trade, stability, and a community size of several hundred people at least.With the collapse of Roman rule in the early 5th century, London was effectively abandoned.The population rose from an estimated 50,000 in 1530 to about 225,000 in 1605.In the 16th century William Shakespeare and his contemporaries lived in London at a time of hostility to the development of the theatre.

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The coffeehouse became a popular place to debate ideas, with growing literacy and the development of the printing press making news widely available; and Fleet Street became the centre of the British press.At its height during the 2nd century, Roman London had a population of around 60,000.By the 7th century, the Anglo-Saxons had created a new settlement called Lundenwic over a mile (2 km) upstream from the old Roman city, around what is now Covent Garden.During the 12th century the institutions of central government, which had hitherto accompanied the royal court as it moved around the country, grew in size and sophistication and became increasingly fixed in one place.