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, beautiful dark eyes , i even ask him if he wanted me one day to come visit hang out, he said he wanted me too , well time kina pasted some , we chattin back and forth.i got him on kik we talked from mornin to nite for bout 2 months or so than he told me his phone was crashin he hav to delate the app, now the only time we chat is not much now i hav a gut feelin he's got a g/f i told him how much i care and love him but he don't say nothin bout.We communicated via chat at first, sending pics of ourselves (nothing kinky) just us showing what we love to do in life, and then in two weeks it turned into video chats. He found out I made it on a local show and sent me congratulations and that he's happy I decided to follow my dreams (in music).I told two of my closest friends about him and they "met" him. He lives in Florida...there is NO WAY he could have found out about it unless he googled my name or something. There are a lot of things common between us.......... Well honestly is obvious to feel jealous when your man gets close to another woman......... I met this guy online in a chatting site and became very good friends. We shared each other's problems and we shared advises about our careers. As we were friends he told me about it and I stopped the cam thing that we were doing. This went on for a month and then he went for a vacation and had sex with a girl.I could tell it's for me or not and what it's meaning .... Meaning a 60 years old man or even someone worse, since he is hiding his contact numbers and stuff from you..............If he truly loves you then he should have trusted at least this much.............. To say it was an easy rode back to stability was not easy.

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He said he will only see me on video chat only when I am in a relationship with someone else.I understood his condition, kept absorbing and felt terribly hurt but never complained.He even used to tell me about the other girls he was interested in and I told him about my other male friends who were interested in me but that I was not.So its better I remain single with his good memories......... U hav a lot of love to give he doesn't deserve ur love. We used to chat day and at night after we meet at work we used to talk also but it was secret between us ..

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