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To “inflect” is not to copy or trace some thing, but to adapt it according to the characteristics of the space in which the adaptation takes place [3].As with all inflections (called, by Deleuze, “expressions”), CSD does not talk about the process methodologically (, as the application of a model to a new object), but just does it. CSD is also fascinating because of the way it inflects the better known, yet very different, practice from literary pedagogy of close reading. The most unique characteristic of Facebook is its role today as a reading technology.Finally, in part three, Facebook and CSD are put together, and Close Reading using Facebook (CRF) is outlined.A CRF example is provided, a teaching event from an Australian university in 20 called (2009) argued that Web 2.0 can facilitate learners’ creative practices, in the forms of interconnections, content creation and remixing [5].Immanence is only immanence to itself [1], it is what is always and in any case already present [2].

There is the potential for Facebook to inflect CSD, to make it uniquely a digital expression of CSD — referred to in what follows as Close Reading using Facebook (CRF).This paper is about the potential of implementing CSD in Facebook. It is a massive content platform and a “social operating system” with an emphasis on “creating, developing and sustaining human relationships” [4], but also for reading.It is where billions of people find news, current affairs, sports and more. We read quickly and at a distance, because of speed, pressure of time and more content, all displayed on tiny screens.How else could we read when we read all the time rather than at a certain time for a certain length of time; when we read in-between everything else we are doing; and when there is always more to read, another link to click, another thread to follow?

As Braidotti (2006) makes clear in another context, this emphasis on speed and distance is not at the expense of depth.

According to current sources, there are more than 1,500 posts of content per week in the average user’s network of friends, followers, groups and pages followed (Oremus, 2016).