The soul of kerala sex

Take your taste buds on rides through flavours they never dreamt existed.Camp in the woods lying awake listening to the symphony of Nature at night and early in the morning let the mountain mists awake you with whispered tales of long forgotten travellers…Kerala is teeming with events and festivals round the year so be sure to keep track of what happens when and where so as to be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.Some have their foundations firmly planted on the ground, while others have trees growing right through the middle.However each one of these treehouses is going to bring out the privacy you need and the kids in you and stay in any Treehouse resort is a romantic escape without any touch with cacophony in cities.A race of such grand vessels is one of those rare events that truly inspire awe in travellers. Let the lazy backwaters set pace to your day and village folksongs croon to your heart.Let the clarion call of the jungles awaken the wilderness in you. Discover remote festivals that leave imprints on your soul.

Make sure that you go for a special romantic meal at least once during your honeymoon.So here you are, a one place stop that will make your trip a cakewalk.Come click your way to the best holiday of your life!When you watch a new day begin, it represents the beginning of your married life together.

Perhaps you get up early to watch the sunrise and perhaps you dance the night away and watch it rise before you collapse into bed – either way it will be a wonderful memory.

Explore the Tribal Heritage Museum in Thekkady with Family Thekkady is a verdant wildlife reserve located in the state of Kerala.