Tips for dating a coworker

You don’t want your boss or his boss noticing that your relationship is causing you to work at an unsatisfactory level.Make sure you continue to meet all of your deadlines and put your best effort forward.You don’t want your coworkers catching you being all lovey-dovey!Shutterstock When you start dating a coworker, you don’t want to become the office snoop and you want to avoid becoming jealous.He seems to adjust his tie each time he is in front of you. Listen for other co-workers to make comments about his special treatment toward you.Keep the conversation between you light until you are sure he is interested in dating you.You’ll want to make sure that all of your fights and drama stay out of the office. This way you can both avoid embarrassment, rumors, and so on.The two of you want to decide on how you will deal with a break-up and stick to it. i Stockphoto Fact is, you never want to date your boss, or someone who sits higher in the chain compared to you.

Put everything out in the open so that you both know what to expect out of the relationship.Thinkstock There’s nothing wrong with expressing your emotions through PDA, but you’ll want to keep the kissing, hugging, and pet names to a minimum.If you’re dying to kiss or hold hands, go out to lunch, or go to a more private place.If you want to date someone in your workplace, here are 15 tips to keep in mind and pull it off as easily as possible.

i Stockphoto When dating in the workplace, your job has to come first.

Don’t lurk around the corner when your guy is talking to a female coworker.