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Want to learn more about what it means to be transgender?Ines Rau is a 25 year-old transgender model who was born in Paris and is of French-North African decent.Memphis Trans Gender Alliance PO Box 11052 Memphis, TN 38111-0052 (901) 353-2612 Social support group and education for the general community.The Nashville TMen Nashville, TN (615) 871-4430 (If no answer, leave message on voice mail) TMen Social Support Group for FTMs & SOs.It feels normal and natural for many girls to be female and for many boys to be male. Transgender people who are born as boys feel they should be female, and those who are born as girls feel they should be male.People who are transgender feel like they're living inside a body that's all wrong for them.What society expects of men, women, boys, and girls also affects what we feel about ourselves.

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Individual contacts, e-mail addresses and phone numbers are sometimes changed.The same poll showed that while 27% of Millennials say they personally know someone who is transgender, only 9% of Americans over 45 say the same.Given this reality, most Americans learn about transgender people through the media. The search functionality includes gender, age, distance from you, body type and ethnicity.

You’ll find all types so you’re likely to find someone that matches your personal preferences.

GLAAD works with national news outlets, TV networks, film studios and Spanish-language media to include real stories about transgender people.