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But for now at least, the two are just happily dating.cast member Demetria Mc Kinney vows in an exclusive Radar interview that her longtime relationship with producer Roger Bobb will not be a casualty of the reality TV show.Porsha Williams will recur as a friend of the alongside newcomer actress-singer Demetria Mc Kinney.The new season, which is sure to be filled with plenty of drama if the trailer above is any indication, kicks off on Sunday, November 9 at 8 p.m. Meanwhile, Kandi and Todd look to expand their family, Kenya focuses on her producing career and is still thinking about a baby and Cynthia is back and stronger than ever in terms of her health and marriage.It’s been established that they spent Christmas apart, and Cynthia also missed this family milestone, as well! While Peter’s daughter was tying the knot in LA, Cynthia was at NY Fashion Week promoting Cynthia Bailey Eyewear.“Congratulations to my beautiful @porschethomas,” shared Cynthia on Instagram.Despite the revelation, Mc Kinney tells Radar he’s still “the love of my life.” PHOTOS: The Housewives Curse!20 Couples Whose Marriages Exploded After Going On The Bravo Show The “biggest strain” on the couple is the harm the reality television show could do to Bobb’s career as a film and TV producer, she reveals.

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Newcomer Claudia is a TV and radio host who recently moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta and pals with Kenya. You may recognize After last season's explosive reunion, where do these ladies stand?So far, so good — despite the drama over the other woman, she says. The 29 Oddest Celebrity Couples Of All Time “We are great,” she tells Radar. But the couple had to keep their dating a secret for years or else risk getting fired by Perry, who had a strict rule banning cast and crew relationships.“There were dire consequences for that type of thing,” Mc Kinney says.“He is about his business and with our relationship being put out there it kind of makes it a part of a circus that he really didn’t need to be a part of.” “This is something that he truly did out of love for me and because of that, that’s why I’m so very thankful for him,” Mc Kinney continues.

“But that’s also why I’ve tried my best to kind of do damage control as it pertains to him.” How is that going? He is still my best friend.” She and Bobb met when he was the supervising producer on Tyler Perry’s and she was a co-star on the TBS sitcom.

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