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/DMC:string Specify chassis manufacturer DMI string. /DMM:string Specify motherboard manufacturer DMI string. /DMS:string Specify system manufacturer DMI string. /DSS:string Specify system serial number DMI string. /DSM:string Specify motherboard serial number DMI string. /DVM: string Specify motherboard version DMI string. [Fn] [Esc] ( , FDD USB Flash, , , ).06 - FDD USB Flash07 - ~ 3-5 . (.., ; , , FDD USB Flash) 08 - FDD ( USB Flash), FDD ( USB Flash), (~ 1 .) .09 - Power - . Crisis Recovery Mode - :00 - .01 - USB-FDD USB Flash02 - [Fn] [Esc] ( 06).03 - .04 - ( Power Button).05 - 10-15 . Win Cris : ( 2 USB FDD, 3 4 USB Flash; 2 3 - Windows XP, 4 - Vista, 7,...) Phoenix BIOS- USB FDD USB Flash.

/FL Flash logo /FMFlash CPU Microcode /FN Flash OEM NVS /FP Flash password /FT:value Flash OEM special type /FV Flash Variable /GSave current BIOS to file (from IHISI). The contents of this Documentation are subject to the Public Documentation License Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may only use this Documentation if you comply with the terms of this License. Please do read the description before updating BIOSSupport new CPUs. The BIOS is too old ,maybe it isn't compatible with this MB.

PHLASH16 jalb111/c /x /s /bbl /pn /mode=3 goto exit : South Bridge ROM echo SB Side... call spi /flash -b FD60 -v20000 -i -nid k26a111PHLASH16 jalb111/c /x /s /bbl /pn /mode=3 : EXIT USAGE: Phlash16 [options] [@rspfile] [romfile] romfile Override the default BIOS image name BIOS. @rspfile Response file containing more options /A:address 32 bit address where to put the File Image.

If still problem, shot the "User Account Control" Windows tool. Download the Windows Virtual PC from Microsoft web-site and install "Windows XP Mode". Install ZET to virtual Windows XP, which appears in the system. If you cannot run ZET for the first time after installation, then download Chineze Main INI.zip, extract file, and replace existing one in ZET folder. When selected, the correct glyphs for planets should display on the chart wheel. It is thus recommended to choose the corresponding size of fonts of planet's list and texts.

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