Updating database with ajax

One of my favorite is using AJAX to submit each input when the user changes the mouse focus off.In this post we’ll cover the basics of submitting each text input when the user changes focus.So here is an example form Now whenever a user changes a value on any one of the fields, the field is updated in the DB and a confirmation is printed below the field saying "Data Updated" or something to that effect.

It also has an add form to enter new record via AJAX.But the script I'm using assigns the updated value to the same variable every time (in this case it's 'q').the javascript looks like this (I found this on the web all over the place) I see why the variable 'q' ends up being what is passed to the db update script.Here we have use Ajax Jquery and by jquery we have get employee id from edit button, we have create all employee separate edit button with different id and in this id we have store employee id and by using jquery code we have get employee id from button and by using ajax we have fetch that employee id data from database and then after we have display that data into Bootstrap Modal html form field and in html form we can change data and by clicking on update button we can update data into mysql database by using Ajax request method.

In this j Query AJAX tutorial, we will learn about how to add, edit and delete records in My SQL database using PHP.

Below is the class implementation, this class resembles the Java Script Custom Object (discussed earlier).