Updating database with ajax

Below is the class implementation, this class resembles the Java Script Custom Object (discussed earlier).This object will be used to fetch and hold the Username and Password values sent by the j Query AJAX method.I am trying to write a script that will update my database(s) without the user having to click any buttons.I also want the update to occur whenever a field is modified in the form.If you want to use the field, bound to the Data Key Field of the first Rad List Box in the Insert Commands of the second List Box, select it twice in the Select Command and give them different names.Then use the first one for the Data Key Field of the first Rad List Box, and the second one for the Insert Command of the second Rad List Box.

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The listbox must be bound to a declarative Data Source which has its Update Command and/or Delete Command configured.What I need is for this variable to be dynamic, that is to say, that the variable name changes per field.I 'could' just assign a var for each variable in the script, but problem a: there are 6 different tables involved in this update and problem b: there are almost 50 fields to work with and they may change from time to time; I don't what to have to do extra work if I don't have to.NET server control Grid View as it provides a broad range of facilities (sorting, searching, pagination) and it is very optimized.

You can know more about j Query Data Table from the following link.

One of my favorite is using AJAX to submit each input when the user changes the mouse focus off.