Updating p910i firmware

Also, I tried but I was getting an 'Error: 104' after the DOS program had discovered the phone and connected to it - I couldn't find any docs to tell me what the error [Error: 104] was If anybody knows how to successfully flash an ARM file over to a T610 using a T28 cable I would be super-grateful.If you know and are itching to tell me you could drop me an email at bross01googlemailcom.Before you start if you want to know the current version of your phone's software you can just type *#0000# to find out which version you have.If you have bought your phone a long time ago and you have never done this your software version will be very old and an update is recommended since new firmware updates bring a lot of improvements on how your phone is performing and sometimes bring even new, previously unavailable features on your phone.

davinci client1594 NEW SONY ERICSSON PHONES freetool PBB SE 1.2 pbb_6.0 SEMC Tool SEMCTOOL V3.3 Crax0red (USE THIS) -- "kinda useless seeing as the cable I got sold is Serial! I know it must be suitable for unlocking but how then do I use it for flashing?I bought it because I wanted to unlock, flash and basically upgrade a couple of T610s I have and restore them.They are, after all, modern classics in my opinion.I read on my 'T610 flashing' web quest that the T28 cable CANNOT be used to flash the ARM file to the T610.

Now, is this a software thing or a problem with the cabling?

Note: you can't use the DSS-25 for the newer phones (Since K750/W800,...)!!! I was always under the impression that the T610 wasn't compatible (and this still seems to be the case), so given that the T630 is almost the same phone, I just assumed it would be the same. The attachments connect to the main serial cable by what looks similar to PS2 connectors (like for a mouse or keyboard).

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