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Chapter 8 looks at more advanced configuration options and differing types of telephone line that can be managed with Trix Box.Chapter 9 briefly introduces the Sugar CRM customer relationship management tool, integrated with Trix Box.If the phone is able to get DHCP and TFTP communication, I guess we can rule out networking issues.Trix Box is a telephone system based on the popular open source Asterisk PBX (Private Branch e Xchange) Software.For some reasons, the phones that were working already passed through the firewall and therefore were able to connect to the Trixbox application.They added a rule to allow port 5060 UDP but only on eth0 (which is the LAN interface).We saved the iptables rules and it will remain even if the server is rebooted.

Chapter 7 covers the telephone system from the point of view of the telephone handset and how the user of the telephone system can interact with it.What is the easiest way to create an extension list/phone book/directory for my users to use to dial someone?This should or will be a hot key on there telephone.Chapter 2 gives an overview of Asterisk the PBX software at the core of Trix Box and gives the reader a feel for the features of a powerful Vo IP telephone system.

Chapter 3 explains the relationship between Asterisk and Trix Box and introduces the enhancements and power the combination of these tools provides.

Ideally, its auto populated with users information, such as if it pulls from the extensions.

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