Updating video driver dell dimension 2400

Normally, and especially in a case where your computer has come pre-configured from the manufacturer, this will already have been done.And, unfortunately, exactly where you go to make sure you have the proper drivers will vary based on where you got your computer, and whether or not you installed a new graphics card yourself.Once done, go back to the main display settings for your monitor and youll find that little slider now moves. Goodbye to that awful 640 rubbish, hello my full beautiful screen!Hello Leo, I am having this problem, but unfortunately I have the correct drivers installedc and everything.Is this indicative of a hardware failure in the video card or something? I reran the windows 98 SE CD and it installed fine But now it only gives me two color choices (16 color or 2 color) and the resolution will not slide off of 640x480... I am having similar rpoblems with my HP laptop running Ge Force Go5700 video card. My friend Meg is having trouble with the 640x480 prob..

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  • Solved Add new video card to an old Dell Dimension 2400? - Dell. profil de paulette60


    Nov 26, 2008. Solved I'd like to add a new GeForce 6200 video card to my Dimension 2400.…