Updating video driver windows 98

This is because they work in the background, allowing your hardware to perform as it was designed to in conjunction with your computer.Unfortunately, many of the developers of driver update software take advantage of this general ignorance.So, before you decide to purchase these products, you should have a basic understanding of drivers. Whenever you connect new hardware (any physical device: graphics cards, printers, keyboards, etc.) to your computer, driver software installs to help the hardware function appropriately within the ecosystem of your computer.For example, every time you plug in a new USB drive, you see a quick notice that your computer is installing the driver.This is due, in part, to the fact that the Windows operating system can keeps your driver software current, and current drivers can be downloaded directly from manufacturer websites for free.

Usually, these updates are downloaded and installed automatically by your Windows Update tool, especially if you have Windows 10.But, as mentioned, you can download the updated driver from the camera's manufacturer.In fact, the only time you should really be concerned about regularly updating your driver software is if you have a graphics card for gaming or for use with graphics-related software.After installing the driver Update for graphic Card (AMD Catalyst), the media player has no video playback and just have sound.

the laptop is Sony VAIO VPCEA16FG and runs windows 8.1 as Operating System. without the graphic driver the fan of CPU makes noise and runs continuously.

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