Updating xmldatasource

XML data can also be stored directly by the data source control in string form using the Data property.If you want to transform the XML data before it is displayed by a data-bound control, you can provide an Extensible Sylesheet Language (XSL) style sheet for the transformation.By default, the Xml Data Source control loads all the XML data in the XML file identified by the Data File property or found inline in the Data property, but you can filter the data using an XPath expression.The XPath property supports an XPath-syntax filter that is applied after XML data is loaded and transformed.The XML data source fetches data from a property containing XML using the XPath expression.The data source parses the input XML content with XPath and populates the specified properties with the parsed values.· The Save method does not handle concurrent save operations by different requests.

A common operation performed with XML data is transforming it from one XML data set into another.Page developers use the Xml Data Source control to display XML data using data-bound controls.The Xml Data Source typically loads XML data from an XML file, which is specified by the Data File property.However, you can also use the Xml Data Source control to edit XML data.

To edit the XML data, call the Get Xml Document method to retrieve an Xml Data Document object that is an in-memory representation of the XML data.

The Xml Data Source control retrieves a single named Xml Data Source View object when used with a data-bound control that displays tabular data.