Vietnamese scam dating websites

When tourists follow them, they will lead the poor guy to “evil” hotels that they work for.Even if tourists have already chosen a hotel, taxi drivers still can trick them.They must pay a large amount of money as the price for an unforgettably painful experience.

Since there is no need for certification or training to become a motorcycle-taxi driver, anyone with a motorbike can use it for this job.And in some small town, drivers even take tourists to some uncommon places and threaten guests to give them money and belongings.Many foreigners just know a few things about the country when they enter Vietnam.Buses are usually overloaded, for example a 45 seats bus normally contains 60 people, or even more.

Tourists can be challenged seriously if they do not go to the bus, or do not pay the money that the bus assistants require.

Therefore, many drivers are deceitful and they have so many scams to use. It’s cheaper compared to taxi”, and after the trip, they offer a very high fee, sometimes even higher than a taxi trip. But comparing with the price they offer, petrol cost is so much lower.