Virgin media is consolidating its domains

In a clustered environment, businesses must generally license the whole cluster, not merely the physical hosts that have Oracle products installed.When calculating the number of licenses required, Oracle uses a formula that contains a core factor, which is not always intuitive.

Nevertheless, BIS reckons its consolidation plans have not gone to waste and says it is saving £2.1m per annum on service costs.Virtualized hardware is now fairly pervasive in the IT world.But, incorrectly virtualizing an environment can have catastrophic effects to a business during an Oracle audit.In the last two-and-a-half years, those centres have cost £94m to set up and only saved £90m.

On one of the centres, four customers have exited their contracts, said the report.

The department for Business, Innovation and Skills has sunk £14m in consolidating its legacy kit as part of a cross-government shared services plan that it later pulled out of.

Virgin media is consolidating its domains comments

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