What is your intention dating

Follow up quickly after good dates, try to schedule the next one right away to demonstrate that they’re a priority.The time you spend together can be silly, fun and light, but the way to communicate serious interest is through making plans and following through as promised.Use the actual words: “You’re cool, but I’m not looking for anything serious” or “I like having sex with you, but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to a relationship.” That is not, however, to ignore their text messages for days or meet up only at your convenience.

Avoid doing things just because that’s “what people do.” Making commitments based on what is expected or what others your age are doing is a good way to end up deeply unhappy. Ultimately, every relationship is unique, so the options are endless.

Trying to chill Unlike everyone on a reality TV game show, you ARE here to make friends.