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On top of that you feel that you are wasting hours on this harmless addiction of yours.Well I have been there, quite recently to be honest and it sucks! This is about my personal story on how I turned all that time “wasted” on Okcupid to actually grow and understand myself better through certain tangible activities."When I speak with younger men, and this is in and out of the workplace, they're just swearing off women," said Christine Hart of Calgary, who describes herself as a gender intelligence expert."Not in droves, but socially they are so confused by what's going on out there and they're scared that something could be taken the wrong way.Patrick Brown, who was forced to resign as leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives last month, has mounted a campaign in recent days to clear his name, alleging two women who spoke out against him were lying and possibly manipulated by his political enemies inside and outside the party.He also vowed to sue CTV News, which broadcast the allegations. On Friday, Brown officially joined the race to reclaim the party's top job.

"But the fact that they think it might be inappropriate, it's not good."Now it has become even harder in the sense that one false, unconscious move and you have been categorized ...there is no spectrum from being someone who just flirted badly or made a faux pas versus a serial rapist."Men are very worried about that, to the point where when I'm talking to HR specialists, men are taking preventive measures," she said, citing the example of a man who ended a romantic relationship with a female co-worker and sent all the text messages and emails between them during the breakup to his company's human resources department.

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