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His grandfather was a barrel-maker, who would demonstrate the quality of his product by jumping onto the finished barrel in front of the customer.Dad could trace his heritage to ancestors from Wales who fought in the American Revolution.

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The pair, who also have a 37-year-old daughter named La Donna who founded the non-profit group Mission Change, only have $30 left after paying their monthly bills.I clearly remember the value my parents placed on reading and education. As soon as I could read for myself, walking across town to the library became a regular activity.Almost as far back as I can remember, I was interested in science.I assembled a collection of bottles of household substances as my "chemistry set" and examined almost anything I could find with the microscope my parents gave me.

Although they had no particular knowledge or special interest in science, they supported mine.

Idolized: Phillip's proud parents Phillip Sr and Sheryl were by his side as he sang his heart out to win the 11th Season of American Idol.