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(“Perhaps stealing a bit from Laurence Olivier, who said, ‘Always start with the shoes.’ ”) The key to Soames Forsyte, Lewis’s weirdly alluring misanthrope from the 2002 version of “The Forsyte Saga,” was a constipated limp.In order to differentiate his character’s walk in “The Escapist,” he shot the entire film wearing a woman’s thong.The set designers had refreshed the walls with would-be Basquiats and reimagined a dated atrium as a sort of gangway that led to Axelrod’s terrifyingly spare office.The trading floor suggested the presence of a finicky overlord—even the staplers were white. Bruised bananas languished on desks, suggesting a certain meanness amid the plenty.

“Which just presupposes a very short distance.”They huddled for a few minutes.“I mean, part of me feels like there’s something great in having this be the piece that transitions us from not wanting to talk about this tragedy to doing it,” the director said.

“They all seemed to have this contained sitting posture.