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One web site tallied his total earnings at $164,651.

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“But it’s been a wild journey, and I wouldn’t change a thing.” Indeed, they’ve seen each other through enough drama—failed romances, substance abuse, a suicide attempt, family secrets revealed—to populate a prime-time schedule.Perhaps more significantly, she helped him deal with the emotional turmoil when he learned from a relative he had been adopted.Though fearful he would offend his adoptive parents if they found out, he quietly located his birth mother, Dottie Baca, an Idaho grocery store clerk.Crash sometimes uses the last name of his wife, Manhattan interior designer Trisha Reger, whose Web site shows off a lavishly decorated Park Avenue apartment.

“I stay up at night thinking maybe my secretary’s in that apartment,” said Brenner, who married the comedian in 2011.

The widow of famed comedian David Brenner said an Upper East Side antiques dealer ripped her off when he took costly furnishings on consignment and then disappeared with the goods. She said Crash took an armoire, Victorian walnut secretary and a 19th-century pine cabinet to sell for her in 2011 and failed to return the furniture or pay her for it.