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A spin-off of UPN's Moesha, The Parkers features the mother-daughter team of Nikki (played by Mo'Nique) and Kim Parker (played by Countess Vaughn).The series centers around a mother and daughter who both attend Santa Monica College. Season 4, Episode 9November 18, 2002T's jealousy cramps Stevie's style when they take a disaster-prone car trip with her ex-boyfriend Hakeem and Kim to Las Vegas; Nikki, Andell and their friends drag Prof. Season 4, Episode 10November 25, 2002Nikki and Andell infiltrate the L. Lakers locker room to get an autographed jersey from Shaquille O' Neal (as himself) after the one belonging to Prof. Season 4, Episode 12January 6, 2003Nikki's dad (George Wallace) is caught in a compromising position with Andell's mom (Laura Hayes); Allen returns to Kim a changed man. Since September 27, 2014, UP started airing reruns of The Parkers weeknights starting at pm.Since December 28, 2014, TV One airs reruns of the show.

On September 30, 2013, Centric aired reruns of the series. Season 4, Episode 15February 10, 2003Nikki tries to find an antidote after her daughter and friends unwittingly ingest a Jamaican fortune teller's potent love potion. Ogelvee's apartment, Nikki thinks she sees a murder while spying on the neighbors; Kim's secret fashion design is stolen. Season 4, Episode 5October 21, 2002Nikki takes over as the cook at Andell's bistro when her regular chef goes into labor, and wows a critic with her dishes; Prof.

Oglevee's help, whereupon ownership becomes an issue.

Nikki adjusts to the fact that her daughter is old enough to live on her own, while Kim realizes that Nikki has more going on than just being her mom.