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I assume you mostly know about feeds and syndication if you are reading this topic, but let me briefly introduce it in the context of Word Press.Feed is a data format that allows you to keep track of new content on websites (that enable and publish such feeds).You should see the raw XML file that is the RSS feed.Here’s what the Compete Themes RSS feed looks like at the time of writing this post: You can use the feed URL to embed or share your feed anywhere online.First, let me take some time to discuss what are RSS feeds in Word Press and why adding images to your Word Press RSS feed might be significant.If you want, you can directly skip to the set of instructions below.I recently encountered few applications of RSS feeds, which, in fact, inspired me to come up with this post.

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The problem with default Word Press RSS feed, however, is that it doesn’t include tags for your featured images.By default, Word Press does not provide a way for you to promote it on your site.The only way is to link to it, so visitors can find it and subscribe with a feed reader.I agree that RSS feed might not be popular as in past, but it’s certainly not dead. There are people who still love RSS and the rise of several other RSS reading services help support my claim.

With discontinuity of popular Google RSS reader, you might have come to believe that RSS is dead for sure. Feedly, for example, is arguably the most popular RSS feed reader and the service saw 900% growth from 2013-2105.

Learn why your Word Press RSS feeds are important and how you can enrich your RSS feeds by adding featured images from your posts.