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she just narrates everything that happens and she looks like sid from ice age.- jackbrookes Nasal and whiny she is and her music lame. - link_triforce_1986 Lil' Wayne He has the most ugliest voice I have ever listened to. Dear justin bieber, I think you are an idiot I hate "baby" and you have REALLY irritating songs You little girl! Its dangerous music developers like this that make me wonder, was there really logical reasoning behind Kurt Cobain's suicide? This woman just doesn't know when to stop twerking, does she? 10 year old girls are his only fans who buy his cds just to watch his clumsy hair and childish face Dude, there are 40 year old women who scream when they see his face. All he does is trash songs which is in my grandma's old socks that she threw it away in that damn dumpster. With s***** lyrics, autotune, and ridiculous popularity, Nicki Minaj will introduce us all to the next generation of music, if you could call it that, a generation that I am not looking forward to. Her butt implants are so gross they could invert a boner. Parents seem to be more scared of their kids looking like Andy Six instead of her.

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her music is so stupid and she asks which seat to take when there is only one left and doesn't sing any lytics.Jacob Sartorius is annoying and I think Donald Trump would make a wall around him just to make sure he can't belch out another sound. Please, dear Top-Tenners, do whatever you can to stop him. And for the love of humanity, tell him to do his homework.We left Justin Bieber alone because he was just a kid, but then he started to get this idea of fame in his own head..then the piles of idiocracy kicked in. I don't care how many people say "Oh, but he's just a kid!", tell him what his issues are, and give him the criticism he deserves! Why this ass is lower than Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson who deserve nowhere on this list.

- malam JONES He should be in 2nd place - LBWizard Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears is an American singer and actress.

Seriously too many people ahead of him who have talent and don't deserve to be on this list. At least Justin Bieber, and Nicki Minaj actually has some good songs, Dahvie Vanity, none!