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Jacob Sarorius has a You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media. I know talent and he literally just walked away from it because he thinks he's famous. And the worst part is, everyone is being soft with their criticisms.That's what's wrong with children becoming big time celebrities at a young age, they think they're the big deal, but heck to the no. We must tell him like it is and tell him, JUST tell him, how much a pain in the rear he is, before he gets so far up in his own rear end.

- malam JONES He should be in 2nd place - LBWizard Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears is an American singer and actress.She has also released other songs, including "My Moment" and "Saturday". Her song sounded so good sung on glee but it sounded so bad when she sang it.My little sister started to cry because she thought a animal was dying it was that bad Rebecca is a cute girl, but her music isn't "all that." Of course she is known for her hit song "Friday." All I have to say about that song is that song was THE WORST SONG IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC!she just narrates everything that happens and she looks like sid from ice age.

- jackbrookes Nasal and whiny she is and her music lame. - link_triforce_1986 Lil' Wayne He has the most ugliest voice I have ever listened to.

Dear justin bieber, I think you are an idiot I hate "baby" and you have REALLY irritating songs You little girl! Its dangerous music developers like this that make me wonder, was there really logical reasoning behind Kurt Cobain's suicide? This woman just doesn't know when to stop twerking, does she?