Wu zun and ella dating

Chun Wu was a photographer, director and producer, until one day an accident cause him to lose his eyes.

Meanwhile Ella seemed to worry that she might have neglected some one in the studio; hence, she even took time to walk over and chat with me before she leaves.However while everyone seemed to not know how to handle the situation when Jerry is supposedly very selective in the publicity activities he attends; on the other hand, Ella, who is usually obliging to most publicity activities, was bombarded with allegations of “being difficult” to work with this time round!Producer Ke Yi Qin has supposedly revealed that while filming in Hangzhou, Ella lost control of her temper and had a disagreement with the director.But once in a while, please also let yourself take a breather to recharge~ (Points 1-3 are descriptions of the accessories, their designers and prices..) *** Ella’s Profile Real Name: Chen Jia Hua Age: 29 years old (18 June 1981) Horoscope: Gemini Height / Weight: 163 cm, 48 kg Place of Birth: Pingtung County Drama Serials: [Magical Love], [The Rose], [Reaching for The Stars], [Hana Kimi], [Down with Love].

*** [Exclusive Interview] The “Little-Miss-Good-Personality” has Disagreement with Director and is “Difficult”.

Her gesture really made me feel the thoughtfulness and warmth from this superstar.