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Thus, “being difficult” has never been the phrase one would associate with her.However since filming in CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love], and with the serial about to be aired, incidents of negative news about Ella has since spread from the production crew. But that was life after, lets talk about life before. Now his life as changed, he's wife has left him, he's children has abandon him now he's stuck being homeless, cold, hungry, and alone.In addition, as she is very familiar with the chief photographer, their chemistry and tacit understanding made the whole photography session very smooth-sailing.Even before our scheduled time, they have already completed photo shoots for the 4 different sets of outfits.It is featuring Chun (Wu Zun) and Ella Chen, but at the same time it will feature some S. Hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The plot and the storyline is different from the previous one. I hope you all like the new story as much as the previou Hey there! I'm a newbie and if I make mistakes on grammars, i apologise beforehand :) (English isnt my First Language) I'm not very good at descriptions but without further a do, this is a CHUNELLA Fanfic :) Hope you guys enjoy! Comments really motivate me and I hope someone comments, even if it's a bad comment it's alright, it's telling me that someone is atleast reading my story so, COMMENT PLEASE hehe (its the on Tian Fu Zhen, Aaron Yan's ex-girlfriend dated him for money and hence, they break up but Aaron was deeply hurt. One year later, two girls transfer to this university where Aaron and his friends were there.Hebe and Fu Zhen look so alike that everybody mistoken her as Fu Zhen, and because of this, she was always hurt by Aaron.

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From the beginning where they were almost strangers to becoming good friends now, Ella’s optimism and humourous nature has influenced the slow-to-warm-up Jerry.� The downfall of it is Chun's mother "despises" witches.� But he couldn't help to fall deeply in love with Ella.Source: Shi Bao Magazine (Vol 1667) Credit of Scans: irenechen Ella of Baidu ELLA Translation by: shyun_y @ *PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS* Exclusive Interview: Accused of Disagreement with Director and Being Difficult.

Ella speaks up: I’m Maligned by Producer From afar you would have heard a series of hearty laughter, even before you catch sight of her – this is the signature of Ella’s uniqueness.

This allegation caused Ella to be upset and she cried.

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    They both said they had good chemistry during hana kimi and wu chun said that ella has all the qualities he looks for in a future wife. ella likes chun and thinks hes very manly and on youtube there are some clips. i also heard some rumors on the internet that ella has a boyfriend so idk but i hope they will date in the future.…
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    Jan 31, 2010. In her past serials, Ella has on-screen kisses with other male idols such as Blue Lan, Jerry Huang, Wu Chun etc. However her on-screen kiss with Jerry Yan has got to be the one with the most “feel” emotions and most realistic ever since she acted in drama serials; for this particular kiss was natural and.…
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    The gorgeous man on earth! Wu Chun See more ideas about Taiwan, Chinese and Drama.…
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    Characters Wu Chun and Ella Chen. Tags chunella. Characters chunella, she, fahrenhiet. With 2 chapters, 3 subscribers, 270 views, 1 comments, 3173 words. Chun Wu was a photographer, director and. Tian Fu Zhen, Aaron Yan's ex-girlfriend dated him for money and hence, they break up but Aaron was deeply hurt.…
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    It was by chance that he was discovered by Ella Chen's member of S. H. E. sister while watching a movie. Ella's sister found him pretty good looking and introduced him to her producer-boyfriend. This was how Wu Zun stepped into the entertainment industry. He only modelled for a month in Taiwan then.…
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    Nov 16, 2007. Description. Welcome to Wu Zun Lovers™ A group for everyone who luv's the very cute, hot and talented Wu Zun. They knew that I worked hard and so they often urge me to find a girlfriend to take care of me. My company also did not. *For Chunella fans Zun.…